brake calipers keep em or sh-t can em

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Dec 31, 2002
Yes I drove my cruiser for the fist time and the front left brake locked from sitting since 88 with no fluid in it tryed to find new calipers they want a small fortune for them so I bought rebuild kits but getting out the pistons is the s***s anyone have a faster way or cheaper.Thanks :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: ??? ???
Last time my calipers needed replacement I just hit the local Autozone, turned in my junked ones for the core charge, and walked out with a pair. &nbsp:Don't recall the price, but seemed easier/cheaper than the labor/time to rebuild.
That was the plan but schucks auto parts can't get them and autozone was closed so I guess Iwill finish rebuilding them I wish they had the chevy calipers you can get loaded wons for about 20 bucks a peice (I may have to look into swapping them out one day)
If you sh*t can the calipers, how much you want for them as is?????? $30.oo for both????
mike in indiana
Might not help ya here, but an easy way to get sticky pistons out of the caliper is to pull the pads out while they're still on the truck, and stomp on the pedal real hard. The hydraulic pressure will push them out, but the rotor will keep them from falling all the way out.

i just attached a pair of vise grips to the pistons and with a screw driver i stuck it through the vice grips and made a level and puched the screw driver up and it work for me. and lots of WD40.
If you've got access to an air compressor use an airgun to pop the out. Might need a little WD40 as a helper. :D
Thanks everyone. I got through It but I'm going to look at one day switching that over to chevy It would be a lot cheaper and easier to get parts but that is down the road a little while.I have plenty of other things to deal with ::) ::) ::) ::)
Sh%t can them, you can get them at NAPA for forty bucks after you return the cores.  It's not worth the trouble to try and rebuild them, often times you'll find the pistons are pitted in which case your wasting your time.  For the price vs. your time it so worth just to get remanufactured calipers from napa.  Good Luck.
well thanks erich now i've already rebuilt them.napa was one of the places I didn't check the other places wanted between 75 and 100 a peice so I just rebuilt mine

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