Brake Caliper Replacement Ques. (Slo-mo Real Time)

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Mar 25, 2007
Buffalo, NY
Replacing my 60's calipers, got it all ripped apart & cleaning up everything that's gonna get re-used. Finished up with the left side & when I started in on the right side, noticed right away that there is a bracket there that is not present on the left side! The bracket is held on by the bolt that holds the elbow on where the flex brake line transitions to the short hard line that runs to the caliper & the two caliper bolts go thru it before going thru the caliper "dog ears" (in other words it would be where washers would go on if there were any). Sorry for the horrible explanation. So am I correct in thinking there should have been one of these on the left hand side?. Anyone know what this bracket does anyhow, maybe lessen flexing on the short hardline? :meh:

Since I've had the truck since 2004 & things aren't all messed up w/this wheel, I'm supposing it's not a huge problem (or I'm very lucky?) My best guess is there was a bracket there, the PO had the truck serviced, they replaced calipers & forgot to put the left side one back on. Not sure why they'd even remove it though???
I know the bolt was not interfering with the rotor, but for now I will prob. test fit washers on the bolts to be safe until I can get one of these.
Don't know what the bracket actually does, EPC calls it a "Reinforcement for Dust Cover", but you can run without it... Just make sure you use a lock-washer or flat washer or the caliper bolt can contact the rotor. I've seen (and heard) that happen.
Both of those brackets went away when I installed a backing plate eliminator kit, in my case the bolts did not touch the rotor. Don't add washers if you don't have to.

Hey, thanks for the replies & sorry for taking so long to ans. back!
As I said, the bolt was NOT interfering w/the rotor but was much more corroded & surprisingly banged up threads on the ends, so much so that one of them fought me all the way out. I sure didn't expect 1/16" to cause that much thread damage, must be a fair amount of stones managing to fly around in there!! Due to this I will use washers, but it is reassuring to know people are running w/o this bracket.
Thanks again for the replies. Oh BTW, checked out your site Tony, very nice!

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