brake caliper bolt? and another mysterious flat tire

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Mar 29, 2007
Evanston, IL
Last night did a little bit of wheeling and while turning around and backing down a small slope backed into a tree and took out ANOTHER taillight ... also got a nice dent in the rear too. But that is besides the point on the way back to the road that the trail comes off of I heard a terrible noise, one which I have heard before of metal on metal grind , to my dismay the bottom bolt that holds in my brake caliper had backed itself out and now when I went to move forwards it would make a TERRIBLE grinding sound. Now my question is this , this has happened to me before and I put some locktight in there to prevent the bolts from backing out so what would cause them to do such a thing (last time it was top bolt drivers side this time bottom bolt passenger side)

So although it is my dd my bud who was riding with me and I went back to his house picked up the f350 and a 3ton hudson flat trailer and towed it back to my house.

Even worse this morning when I looked out the window my front passengers tire is flat. :bang: why oh why ... this set of bfg muds are slowly but surely becoming the least favorite tires I have ever owned this is my 3rd or 4th flat and only one was my fault the other are manufactures defects (dryrotting prematurely in sidewall?) and things of that nature... but I dont have my receipts showing purchase date... anyone know anything I could do about it (bfgs site state some thing about no receipt)

any help on any of my sheittty day yesterday would be great ...

thanks (oh and I WILL provide pics later of the inside of the rim, the carnage and etc)
I have lost all of mine at some point or another and loctite has held them in since. I didn't know this happened a lot. I thought it was simply because I drove $400.00 cruisers. I haven't ever had to replace a wheel over it though. some of mine are a little scarred up on the inside from it but not to any point of failure.
But I can say with authority that BFG MTs have a soft buttery sidewall and are a waste of money IMO.

I cannot agree more .... but they were on the truck when I bought it liftless with 35s I think I am going to try to pic up some irocs soon even though they are even less road friendly

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