Brake Booster Woes!?!?!

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Mar 7, 2008
sunset, Louisiana
l8ly my fj62 had been almost dying occasionally if i wouldnt press on the gas and keep it alive. well it only happened like 4 times so far. yesterday i was driving on some trails with a friend and it started doing it again( started to die but cranks immediately after it dies). once cranked it seems to not want to die again. so i left to go home, very close, and my brake pedal began to get stiff, i know some of the guys mentioned i prolly have a tear in the diaphragm in my booster. i just wanted to see if that sounds like it for sure........ also i dont want to shell out that much coin for a new booster if its something else. does this sound like the booster is making my car die from a leak in it? is it hard to replace a brake booster? me and my dad would prolly do it, any special tools required? and what gasket do i need to buy? or should i bring my car somewhere and get it done professionally since its ur braking system. please help if you guru's can-Cody
one banana job. virtually anything toyota will fit be it supra, celica, 40/60/80 series, minitruck, etc. may require rod shortening at the pedal and adjustment of the pushrod. lots of threads and info in the 40/55 section. do an advanced search for 'booster' under my name on the 40/55 for plenty of good read
i have an update. i just went to the store to see how the braking system is, it worked perfectly, the pedal isnt stiff now , it has good pressure and is firm. it seems better than b4. can a booster slowly bite the dust? because i dont wanna get my hopes up but i know things like this can seem better for a while and then get worse just as fast. any help is still appreciated. suggestions.....
o by the way, i have zero vacuum leaks anywhere that i can find in the engine bay. i have quadruple checked. where would i check for the transfer case leak, i look up under there and i didnt see a hose of the vacuum sort
Howdy! I think there is a vacuum diaphram on top of the front output shaft. John
another progress report. i took a look at my manifold and sprayed with carb cleaner and found the culprit i believe. cracked brittle egr valve gasket. i am soo glad, do you guys think when the engine flexes it takes to much air in and wants to die maybe?

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