braided steel lines...

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Sep 6, 2002
Where do you guys buy things like that? I need to fab up a new oil supply line for the vacuum pump on my HJ60. I'd like to make a braided steel line, but don't know if one can fab ends/fittings for those oneself.
Also, the supply line splits in two where it comes from the block, one going to the vac pump, one to the turbo.
Currently this is done with a banjo fitting, but the setup is messy.
are there any great online sites with metric lines/banjos/fittings/splitters...
Try Crown industrial. They are near you somewhere. I used thema few years ago and the price was very good (build them for all of the retailers) and the quality even better. Just tell them exactly what you want and they'll have it made in a few days.

Crown Industrial Products, Inc.
1185 Park Center Drive, Suite G
Vista, CA 92083

I believe its still current.

I had some made at a local heavy truck shop. Power Brake and Spring, South Bend, IN.... they acted like it was no big deal. Had -3 lines made with the correct ends, correct lengths, etc. and WAY cheaper than any other source. Luke
These folks carry a large assortment of metric to -3 and -4 JIC and metric flare to -3 and -4 JIC...


Have used them for years.

Good luck!


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