For Sale Bozeman, MT: 1993 LHD HDJ80

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United States
I have my left hand drive, manual (H55) transmission, 3x locked turbo diesel 80 for sale. Engine is 1HD-T. Truck has 168,000 miles on it (272k km). I personally went to France and purchased two of these to import, And brought these back about 9 months ago. This truck has a clean Montana title in my name.

Since I imported the truck I've done the birfs, front brakes, all fluids, and a number of other smaller cosmetic fixes.

This truck runs and drives very well. No smoke on start, no vibrations at speed, shifts through all gears. There is a slight hesitation downshifting into first when the truck is still cold, but that goes away once warm. Since it's been imported I have driven it approximately 700 miles (two tanks of fuel, always use diesel additive), but did put some miles on it while in france (about 600) and had no issues at all.

As you can see in the photos, the truck has a suspension on it. Could probably use a refresh, though it does ride and drive just fine. Tires are in good shape, but are just normal light terrain tires.

Mechanically other than the suspension the truck is pretty much stock. PO did install a nicer diesel fuel filter system in it.

The interior of the truck is in excellent shape, and even comes with a couple extra seat fabric skins.

$33,000.00 OBO.



Man I like this thing. How bad is the rust on the under carriage?

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