Boxing the front of the frame

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Dec 18, 2005
Orange County
Doing something like this


and some side ones to tie in the front bumper. its going to be weld all to gether.
But what do you guys do with the small hole thats in the front cross memeber.
Its like half a whole on the side of the frame horn.
Get some steel and weld it shoot? Dont have a good pic of what im tring to explain :D

edit dont wnat dirt to go in and start rusting.
So you are boxing in your bumper? If yes then great! it'll be stronger. As far as the frame goes: as long as you manage the heat well & avoid warping the frame (it's relatively easy to do) then go ahead. A cautionary note: The frame has built in flex from the factory. Full boxing eliminates and/or chagnes teh flex points. Unexpected failures can ensue.

Maybe post up in the "extreme builds" section as partial to full frame boxing is common in their world.

Best of luck!

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