bought a rusted out bj70

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Nov 8, 2006
Ladysmith B.C.
Bought a 85 Bj 70 today the cruiser is rusted up but runs like a champ (348000km) it has the 3B diesel 5sp my plans are to swap all the running gear into my 75 fj40 the old f engine is to thirsty . I will do the spring over while the engine is out the 70 has power steering has anyone swapped this into a 40 ? looks like it will work this cruiser also has the suspension seats but I think I'm gonna put those in my 78 anyone know what kind of millage this should get? I'm running 33"swampers with 4.10 gears thanks Russell
The 70 series steering box doesn't work as well in a 40 as the 60 series one does, in my opinion. Since the pitman arm faces the rear of the truck, it would need to go way out on the frame horn like the Saginaw one does only it rides on top of the frame and the steering shaft would have to pierce the bib.
Hey Russel,

( I'm the guy you drive past almost daily...)

I had the same get up in my 45, still got 25 mpg with 35's. , that was turboed and messed with , but still, you should be good for mid 20's.

I'm in the process of freshening up my 70, much needed paint job.:rolleyes:

hmmm....sounds like you might have a couple bj70 parts left over.....:grinpimp:


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