bought a late model 40 in AZ, drive it back to CO. or ship????

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Flush and replace the fluids and belts. Then drive.

If my Dad can purchase a 1958 Dodge Power Wagon and drive it back from Montana to New Mexico, you can certainly drive a late model land cruiser from AZ to CO.

There's not much that can go wrong that you can't fix pretty easily.

Ya, I know 40's inside and out! but there are LOOOOOONG stretches of desert between AZ and CO with nothing around, did'nt really want to check baggage with tools on the airplane. I did this trip in a 1990 fj62 I bought last year and when we got home, we said whew!, glad we did not have any issues. But we went the 4 corners route through flagstaff and durango.
My $.02: Drive it! Make certain the u-joints are greased, fluids baselined, etc. No sweat. I drove my beat-up old 1981 '40 from Mass. to Colorado two times a few years ago. Looong drive, for certain, but well worth it. So, be a glutton for punishment, take a risk, and drive it. Hit Black Bear Pass while you do, if the snow's gone. Most of all, good luck with it. :cheers:Ned
Like Dan said, change the fluids and have an adventure. You bought it to drive, so I say no time like now.
I say drive it. After I bought my '81 I drove it home (not nearly as far) but it was a good time to get to know the vehicle and any quirks.
you have two paths in front of you.

"picked that bad boy up, drove to AutoZone and got stuff to change fluids and belts. Filled a cooler, headed out, stopped at mom and pop places only to eat. Drove 50 mph, saw incredible scenery of the SW, took a ton of pics of my new rig, had the time of my life"

or -

"they unloaded my rig off the truck today".

I did the same with mine, picked it up in Sacramento, drove it to Reno for a test, then to Las Vegas, then to Kansas. Didn't miss a lick, I still look at those pics in my phone. And had the time of my life.

Even the misadventures will be adventures, good luck

i drove that 82 back that we talked abought. no problems. i have driven 4 back from denver to nashville. i got everything serviced local, flew in,, went to autozone and bought some cheap tools and extra fluids and hit the road. what did you buy? good luck
3 months ago the wife and I flew to portland OR picked up our 60 and took 4 days to drive back sleeping in the back and checking out the scenery. on of the best trips of my life, I wish I would have taken a whole week off and stayed at more cool spots. make the drive at the least you will have a story to tell.
Drive it man. I have driven them back home(2 40s on my sig 12 hour and 22 hour trip). You already know what tools you will need and you know how to work on them.:) It's no brainer. Just make plans and have all the fluid changed. Take you usual precaution when making a emergency package your trip back. The best part is you have great weather at this time of the year.
Drive it

Check the brakes and seat belts and go. I bought 40 and drove it home 800 miles in the heat of the summer. I checked the fluids, filled the tires and drove. It was hot, loud, bumpy, slow, uncomfortable and I'd do it again tomorrow if I could! Maybe when I get the steering back together, I will.

In retrospect, I could have bought a AAA card, I sure needed it back in the '80's when I drove an old rustbucket of a FJ55 from New Hampshire to Oregon.

At least take some duct tape and a good book.

Okay, just kidding. What better way to get to know your ride? And as mentioned above, this is a great time of year to do it. Take two days to do it if you want. I'm sure there are plenty of 'Mudders' who would be more than willing to help if something were to go wrong along the way.
Get AAA If You Drive It

I'd drive it, but I'm a desk jockey, my FJ40 is in storage 2700 miles away, and I could really use an adventure right now!

Better change the fluids and pick up some basic tools on the way home. If you make it past the first 100 miles you'll probably be ok the rest of the way. :) Make sure you sign up for AAA before you drive it home. Saved my butt when I drove my FJ40 home last year after purchasing it.
If mine had an engine in it I would have driven it home from Arizona last winter... oh yeah. and brakes, and maybe a heater, ok, throw in 3 tires with air in them and about 600 bucks worth of gas....but seriously, Ive been coast to coast 3 times with a f engine and 3 on the tree. Only breakdown, a clogged fuel filter. Best memories ever........
Trust your instinct...

If you think the rig will make it, I would drive.

All three Cruisers I have bought were inoperable! My 40 had been overheated and the engine was cooked. My first 55 had been run out of oil (we thought, turns out it was out of gas!). 2nd 55 that I hope to get running soon came w/o engine. The first 2 vehicles I went and got w/ pickup and trailer. 3rd Cruiser I had to contract a shipper.

I had to farm out the engine rebuild on the 40 because I moved for work. When they were done I drove it from CO to NM. I had never driven it before, the heat was stuck on in early summer. It was great fun! would be kinda fun:hmm:..... and I do know them in and out....I could buy a few:wrench:'s when I get there, point it NW and:steer: and hope I dont:bang: for doing this and Have to say :flipoff2: for all you who convinced me drive her:meh:

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