Bought a 1976 FJ40 (1 Viewer)

Mar 5, 2007
Pittsburgh, PA
Hey guys. I bought this off of a friend of mine. We've been kicking it around for a couple years and I finally got to go up and see it. It's not road worthy and the frame is toast, but it has some good parts. The cowl forward and the interior is nice. The tub already has some repairs to the floor and the wheel wells, but hopefully it will be worth saving.

Hoping to pick it up by the end of the month and I will post up some photos of the ride home.

No plans for now, since I'm working on a car and I really don't have room to start digging into another project right now. This will give me some time to hopefully locate a frame.

Awesome site and all of the build up threads definitely get me pumped about starting my rebuild!!!



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