For Sale Boston: Good Year Fierce Attitude Offroad Tires set of 5 with 5 AR Wheels

Jul 7, 2021
I have a set 5 Good Year Fierce Attitude m/t lt285/75r16 tires with machined silver finish American Racing 16x8 wheels AR23 MA -127 16x8J. I believe wheel part# is AR236883, you can see them on summit racing etc.

Wheels have hardly been used since the FJ has mostly spent time being restored, 90% or more of tread left.

Recently I swapped over my wheels and tires on my FJ from these large off-road wheels to the small 15" originals for a more traditional look.

All tires hold air and have been on the FJ up until 2 weeks ago. Drove around on them no problem on the road.

Asking for $1500 OBO. FJ not for sale.

Willing to deliver them if you're local or meet someone at reasonable distance away.

The tires and wheels are quite big, easiest way to move them is with pickup truck although I have fit all 5 in a Honda CRV before with 4 in back seats folded and 1 in the front passenger seat.






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