Borrow your knuckle centering SST in Portland OR?

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May 1, 2008
45°34' N 122°38' W
I lost track of my knuckle shims while removing my bearings (BTW I am a total newby and have tons of questions about this procedure:

I live in NE Portland OR and am looking to borrow a knuckle centering tool: SST 09634-60013 from page FA-23 in my FSM. I'd also love an axle seal puller or advice on the best way to get 'em out. (Like I said I am a total noob to any kind of wrenching.)

Please let me know by response or PM if you can help. Cheers, Nat :beer:
As for the seals I use a screw driver and need nose (I hope I don't get reamed for that) but its what I have always done and never had any leaks. Just don't scare up the housing. Then I use a Big socket to tap them in, same think for the bearing races.

How many shims did you pull? I bet there are two thicks and one thin. One thick on bottom and one thick and one thin on top. did you already pull both sides? Also a new kit may come with thins half the size of your thins and thicks the same size are your thins... and not enough of them to get it perfect unless you are running stock tires. I would ask in your clubhouse section maybe someone right near you has one or knows of someone who has one.
If you really need it PM Mrlocksmith here on mud,he is not here very often i did borrow the tool but didn't really need it.very cool set up once you figure it out.:D
Quote "As for the seals I use a screw driver"

ow my ears ! :p , haha the ol screw driver trick, u can do this it works but its a tad rough and if u dont know what ur doing u can do more damage than its worth i suggest go buy a seal puller i bought a decent one SP tools brand was about $20, im sure u can get a "cheap" version from ur local auto store also if ur strapped for cash i have used mine alot and its a handy tool to have, as said be VERY carful not to damage the housing that the seal taps into if u use a screw driver. u can use the old bearing races to drive the new races in also as they are the perfect size sockets also work well. ive done a fair few knuckle jobs on a few different rigs and its fairly straight forward job, word of advise use Quality inner axle seals i usually use genuine toyota ones they arent that expensive. and take your time do a good job while ur in there and u wont have to do it all over again any time soon.

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