Wanted borrow a GM taper reamer - 1.5"/ft ???? (1 Viewer)

Jul 2, 2003
Trumansburg, New York
Hey does anyone have a taper reamer for a GM steering rod end that I can borrow for two measley uses? It would be the one for GM 1-ton ends that has a 1.5" per foot taper, 23/32" minor, 3/4" major, etc. I was told that the MacTools part # was 1221 rr but can't cross-reference that online.

Anyway, just need one for two holes (connecting rod mounts on steering arms) and would appreciate any help. Thanks.
Mike R.

BTW, of course I'll pay for any postage, etc.
May 22, 2003
your in CA and you cannot find a shop that has one for you to use?

I have two, might be interested in selling one.

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