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Jan 16, 2010
Rocky Mountains, Canada
Hey Guys -

Anyone point me to the right direction to get some parts shipped to the WA border?

GF and I are travelling South through Van and need a few parts before continuing on....

Any info much appreciated!
I'm guessing this is a one time pick up for you?

I use Pacific Mail and Parcel, but there is an annual fee plus a small fee for each package, so it's not worth it if you are just picking up once. Unless they wave the annual fee for a one time pick up, but you'd have to check with them on that.
There are 4 shipping (at least) places in Sumas WA, just across from Abbotsford.

I use Letterlock but there are others as well. $3 per package or less for smaller stuff sometimes. They accept CDN or US currency.

Ship stuff to your name to their location. No annual fee. Check their hours to be sure they are open when you cross.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy.
I've had no problems with Package Express across the sumas border. No annual fee, about $5 per package IIRC.
Theres a brand new place there on the main drag, very visible green building, $1 a package.
Yes, you can pick up 24/7 as you get a key/combo to your 'box' but it's only valid for a short amount of time and then the items get returned is what I've heard. The box space is like a hotel, it's not permanently assigned. Interesting business model.

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