booster batter in back

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Sep 17, 2006
Santa Rosa, CA
I have dual batteries, but I thinking that there's a better way to do that. I ended up removing the isolation switch because it was causing all kinds of problems - including the solenoid draining the battery - and now it's not doing me a lot of good.

I'm wondering if anyone has ever done this instead.
Put one of these
In the rear quarter panels (have them set up as storage). Run small wires back to keep it charged. That battery would give me 12v and 110v (with inverter) at the rear of the car. I can take it out and jump myself or anyone else (without having to get close to them).

Anybody think of why this wouldn't work or be a good idea.

Any idea of how to mount something like the NOCO in the rear quarter panel.
Lithium jump start batteries are good at dumping large amounts of current very briefly. They behave more like a capacitor than a battery. They are not good for running things like lights or fridges or winches. Look how tiny that thing is. You can't beat physics when it comes to amp hours.

You already have the best setup with your dual lead acid batteries up front. Just use a big manual On/Off switch (Blue Sea or Perko) to separate them. That's what I do. Super simple & reliable.
I have just installed a dual battery system ... what switches your isolation solenoid on .? I have mine wired through a oil press switch / Relay / solenoid .

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