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Discussion in 'Chit-Chat' started by nuclearlemon, Jul 11, 2005.

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    outside of a cat peeing on something, what would make a book (i mean every single page you turn) reek of cat pee? the cover has blotchy marks, but it' s a 69 parts catalog, so that's expected. inside pages and the edges of the pages all look great, but the minute i unwrapped it (used book wrapped in cellophane), i damn near knocked me over. i've had cats my whole life and i swear to god, it smells like cat piss! i've been spraying it every so pages with fabreeze, which helps, but a few pages later, the strong smell of cat piss again. :confused: :confused:
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    The paper/pulp has absorbed whatever smell it's been wrapped up in celophane with. It's very sponge-like material, really. Try letting it breathe a little - that will help. If it's been "marked" there's really very little you can do. Maybe try one of those "Cat stink removal" spray products.

    Also, the smell could be helped along by the deterioration of the paper. Basically, it's rotting. If it's got stains on the cover, any Ph balance the paper had (for sake of archival/longevity of the book from the printer) has been compromised by whatever got on it, making it less stable.

    Air it out, put it in the sun for a while with the pages "flapping in the wind" so to speak - then maybe try the stink remover. Start looking on ebay for a replacement, also. In the long run, you may need it.
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