Bonnie '62 FST in WA

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Hats off to @Birdhead for this restored steering wheel. The horn button is original to the truck AFAIK. I could not, for the life of me remove the old one buy hand, but a puller popped it right off. I haven't actually assembled the mysterous horn bits inside yet, but they seem to all be there.
Thank you
Amazing job!

Is that the correct position of the shifter? Mine's a bit higher I believe...

Hard to say, probably not. It doesn't connect to anything!
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Per everyone, sounds like I need one if these air cleaners:

@nuclearlemon's pic
Name of this thread is now outdated. Hauled the truck from WA to her new digs in Oregon.

Only had a come-along to rachet it up the ramp. Also needed it to lower it... no brakes!
Thanks @mattressking for the advice.
Some treasure arrived today from @TeamJB. Thank you Junaid!


I'm going to resist the temptation of building a truck entirely from NOS parts. I'll leave that to others. But I do love those early Koito parts.
Made a pleasant surprise recently. Packed with bondo on the tub lip, the preserved holes for soft top connectors.

They are definitely the right size. Six to a side.

Still have a ways to go clean up the tub edge.
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Got one of Chase et al's (@red66toy's) plates to adapt a four speed transmission to column shift. Not having the originally numbered engine seems to free me a bit, and I do have a four speed transmission sitting around. Wish me luck, when I get around to it...

Thread 'tranny tech 403-thats 4 on the tree!' tranny tech 403-thats 4 on the tree! -

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Pretty Snappy Kieth ! :D

can't wait to see @red66toy 's new gig there in action and
MISS Kitty Hissing again on the Tera-Firma ... :grinpimp:

- here is one of my most recent new conjures , that is in your lane on the road ....:cool:

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NIce art Matt. Have you ever seen one of these offered up? Looks like fun. Maybe not the giant round exposed saw blade, but the rear PTO extension.
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NIce art Matt. Have you ever seen one of these offered up? Looks like fun. Maybe not the giant exposed saw blade, but the rear PTO extension.

Thanks buddy ! :cool:

no , i have never seen such a apparatus like the original MAKITA Field Saw , or AISIN / ASCO OEM air man-hammer shown in the original 1965
Factory PLANT A-11 OEM Build Sheet Options check off chart shown above ...

- i do remember Marve Spector DID have and offer up the Surplus NOS Rare Rear Power take-off kits when the Port at Long Beach decided to simply
toss all 420 remaining Factory Sealed wooden crates of them into the Dumpster when they were Disc. / NLA ....:confused:


- its a DAM good thing who ever at SOR went Dumpster-Diving late that night knew what to sift through there ......:D

- alas , i remember my days back in the late 90,s Dumpster Diving up at MID-ATLANTIC TOYOTA P.D.C. like almost every Friday night , it became a ritual for sure ....:cool:

that was the TEq-Gilded-Age for sure .....
Cleaned up PO welds on the bows and windshield. If I had a canvas top, it would go on nicely now.

Pondering the task of re-skinning the doors.


Have left over rivets and rivit holes from the PO's tin door 'skin'.
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