Wanted Bone Stock 100 Series white, silver, grey, gold, for under $10k in Nashville Area

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United States
Would like miles under 170k and very clean condition and NEVER smoked in. If anyone has one please let me know. I don't really want to travel too far to look at if possible. Would be fine with Lexus too. Thanks!
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Ok, so still looking, but now would consider a trade for my wife's 2006 rx330 in pretty much perfect condition 77k miles. It's KBB is 17-18K would trade for a Mint cruiser of equal value. She needs nav and heated seats for sure she says (the rx doesn't have it). I would do a little cash either way if necessary, but has to be really really really nice condition....really nice. The rx gets great gas mileage! Thanks.
Over 150k ok, let's try to keep under 190k. Man, thus is tougher than I thought it'd be.
I don't know what it is about the 100 series, it seems like the prices are taking forever to come down. I bought my 97 (120k miles) 6.5 yrs ago for 9500. But there's no way I could find an 02 or 03 with 120k for 9500 today.

They seem rather spendy even with a ton of miles. Here's a bump for you. Best of luck in your search.
My daughter has been thinking about selling her locked white 94. I think it's up to 110K now. Bone stock. She is the second owner, with service records since new. I am not sure if she would take 10K for it though. BUT I know she would like an AWD RX330, or even better yet, a GS400 or 430. It's her daily driver since she sold her old GS400, and I think she wants a 400 or 430 now

PM me if you would like to discuss
Still looking?

We are thinking of selling our 100 series. It's white, a 2" lift, tow package, leather, all sorts of other goodies and it's built for off road, but I drive the kiddies around it in so it's in great condition. If you are interested, pm me and I can send some pictures and we can talk about price. The only clincher for you - she has 209k miles, but still runs like a top :)

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