Bolt holeson rear fender wells, what are they for?

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Jan 9, 2008
Moronville, ME
I removed the jump seats in the back of my 82 BJ42 and noticed six holes that appear to have been used for something in the past. (The seats weren't using these holes.)

There are 3 holes on the top side of the wheel well and three on the side. Some of them have a square nut welded to the bottom side, appears to be a factory mounting point. I'd guess they are a 5mm or 6mm hole size. What are these for?

I'd like to plug them so water doesn't enter the interior. Before I do so want to be sure they aren't something I might want to use in future.
There are bolt holes for the jump seat, and for the rollbar bar attatchments that run parallel to the truck sides.

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