SOLD Boise, ID : 100 Series LC, Driver and Passenger Seat Covers, Driver Seat Foam, Used (3 Viewers)

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Sep 30, 2013
Boise, Idaho
United States
FS: Drivers Side Seat Bottom Foam, Drivers Side Leather Seat Bottom Cover and Passenger Side Leather Seat Bottom Cover,

Asking $50 for the set of 3 items, Or Best Offer. Just hate to throw them away. Figured someone could use them who is on a budget.

Shipping will be $24 to any USA location.

Thought someone could use these if putting together a LC that had trashed seats. They are'nt great, but have quite a few miles left in them.
Great for someone who is working on a LC as a project vehicle and will finish the interior last after all the other stuff is complete but needs seats now to make the vehicle useful.

I just replaced my drivers side Seat Foam and Seat Cover and the Passenger Seat Cover All three pieces are completely in tact. No tears, holes or missing hardware. The hog hooks are not included as they were bent open for removal and new ones are cheap. The Foam is in good shape, a bit soft but not falling apart.
Not looking to get alot out of these, just pass them onto someone who needs them. The shipping will be a bit as the foam does not compress down to fit in a small box.
My new foam from the dealer was $203 so that was crazy but I don't plan on ever getting rid of my vehicle so it was worth it to me.






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