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Mar 6, 2005
Mauldin, SC
Thoughts on doing a boil this year? Maybe changing up the schedule to get this in. Have always had a blast at these. I'd like to get a date and start making some plans already.

Hunting Island? Carolina Beach?

I really liked the hunting island one and now that the girls are old enough camping wouldn't be a problem.
Michelle and I would be interested. I vote for Hunting Island! Havent been there yet, from the looks of the pictures online we could use the Roof Top Tent there?
I'd lke to try to make that; almost 30 years here and I've never visited Hunting Island. Plus I've got the option to set the :princess: at a B&B - since she doesnt camp.......
I can make it happen, but I don't think the group camp is available any more...I know the bath house washed away, I'll have to check
Is this something that UC would come down for?
Hell yeah. We did last time we had it there. I'm cool if we just us all together down there. I'd be down for camping in the park. Could always get a few sites together. What we need are some dates and let everyone start reserving spots. Now is the time.
coming soon
I will make sure the boil happens that weeekend.
It's not too early to start making reservations.
Bump. Should we go ahead and reserve this? Should we have 2 a year? Spring and Fall? Seems like this should be a Low Country staple event(s)?
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