Body work needed in Norfolk VA, recommedations?

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Aug 28, 2007
Norfolk, Virginia
I need my rear quarter panels and rear sill replaced, along with a few smaller defects. Not looking for a total rebuild, just some sprucing up. There are some good body restoration shops in Norfolk and surrounding Tidewater area, but I don't want to leave it for six months and I don't want to spend by retirement savings either. Has anyone used or maybe recommend a body shop to go to, or an individual skilled in this type of repair?

I used Auto Graphicks recently. They did a good job and Sandy is great to work with. I would recommend them. Story time now if you're interested:

I had them do a rust repair on the windshield frame area and on the rear hatch for my 100 series. My windshield was leaking which is why I went to them in the first place. When I got my truck back after repairs, the windshield was still leaking (although in a different manner) and the sunroof was inoperable. The glass guy tried a couple quick fixes for the windshield but ultimately it had to be pulled and re-installed. After a hard rainstorm, it appears to be dry and the problem fixed now. The glass guy they use seemed knowledgeable about the notoriously difficult 100 series windshields. They fixed the sunroof as well, I think it came down to a blown fuse or switch problem. I only paid the original quoted amount, and not any additional for the sunroof or windshield re-work and there was never any hesitation with fixing these issues on their end. The rear hatch had no issues.

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