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Firewall configuration where the steering column, brake components mount.........
Seat and fuel tank mounting.........
Need to know the build date on the '73 before continuing.....
No toolbox under the seat after 72 model. Seat mounts for front seats different after 72 model, bucket eats started with the 73 model. Gas tank changed happened with the 73 model. louvers stamped into both sides of the cowl, 69 only had a screw on panel on the passenger's side change started with the 72 model. Radio hole in the bottom of the dash starting with 73 model. The bracket for the under the dash high low shifter when away when with the radio hole in the dash.Tunnel cover over the transmission longer starting with the 73 model. gas opening is square with a door instead of just opening with a rounded top, change started with the 73 model. Body mounts are the same as far as I know. As mentioned above the steering column opening changed with the 73 model. The brace down the fire wall changed with the 71 model to make room for the brake booster.
Turn signal indicators moved from the dash to the insturment cluster speedometer.


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