Body Mount Kit Question

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Dec 4, 2002
My '78 Fj is coming apart.we're lifting the tub.The stock body mounts are shot and the hardware is rusty,rung a few off. What body mount kit do you recommend for QUALITY with ALL NEEDED HARDWARE INCLUDED. Who has the best price on the ones you recommend? I was thinking Energy Suspension,but not sure if it includes all hardware.
i know its not all hardware included, but cut up a roller from a boat trailer (like 10 bucks new) for a cheap, and quality lift. (or replacement)
The Energy sus. kit is awesome, I have there full bushing set in my car and the quality is excellent. I would take this time to install a one inch body lift on the vehicle for a little extra clearance. You can take the easy route and buy a kit from M-A-F or you can have the aluminum cut locally at and fab shop. :)

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Thanks Dan, I ordered the Energy Suspension kit from JT Outfitters for $99.

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