Body Lift Steering & Radiator Drop Questions


Nov 1, 2009
South Central PA
So after doing the 1" 4Crawler body lift it seems I have 2 small issues ... maybe 3.

1. I'm getting a bit of vibration through the steering wheel now, not a lot, but enough to notice it. It's not wheel shake since I can feel it when sitting still. I happens when put into gear and leaves when put in park or neutral. Any idea as to cause or solution? Can the steering rod be loosened and moved further down the shaft a bit?

2. People that have done the lift, how did you drop the radiator? I bought the drop brackets from 4Crawler, but they do not appear to be compatible with our setup. I'm thinking i will have to drop the mounts for the radiator side plates up top and make a new L bracket for the underside?

3. Likely fixed if I can fix issue 2. The fan is super close to the pass side trans cooler line. Twice this morning during decel from highway speed I heard what sounded like metal tapping. I'm guessing its the van just scraping that line (fan shows no signs of damage, just a hint of a clean spot on each blade). It only happened when going downhill from highway speeds on off ramps. Not at all around town. Anyone else run into this issue and have a solution?

I can verify that the truck runs ~5% hotter with no fan shroud. Used to run 175*F and is now running 181*F. New coolant, radiator, rad hoses and thermostat.
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