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Jan 3, 2003
I have a friend who is building a cruiser with this monster aqualu body (it's about 2.5' longer than normal) and he is ordering 2" body mounts from some company and they are $300 cause they are special ones for his mounts. I told him that he should just use UHMW and cut them himself and save his $280. He thinks that they have to be about 80 deromitor(hardness scale) so they flex and that UHMW is too hard. I really want to call him an IDIOT(in a friendly way) but I don't have any factual basis for it. Can you help me out or correct me if I am wrong.

Jan 30, 2003
There are two components that typically go into a body lift:
1. The material for the lift
2. The body mounts

The material for the lift can virtually be anything that can handled the load. Common materials are steel, aluminum, hard rubber (like boat rollers) and UHMW.

The body mounts are the shock absorbing material. In the stock configuration they are rubber. If you don't use the original mounts after you add the lift many people switch to poly with an 80 durometer. A good kit is made my daystar and can be had for around $100 from TLC Performance. This kit has all the finer details that creates a nice fit on a 40.

If you were to run just UHMW without body mounts it would indeed be very rough.

I will be installing a 2" lift via UHMW and the Daystar body mount kit in the next week or so.

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Mar 29, 2003
Northern Minnesota
I just ordered some 1 1/2" and 2" polyurethane rod from MSC a few days ago with a 90 durometer. I'm putting it on a fiberglass tub and some of the mounts are going to be about an 1 1/4" to get the stock height out of this fiberglass tub.

I was worried that the 80 durometer might be a tad soft when I started getting around an inch an over? I went with 90 after the, "custom body mount" thread a week ago, might want to check that out also? Maybe I'll change my mind about the 90 after I get to see it and touch it.


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