Blueing on one side of one rod journal?!?

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Jan 20, 2003
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This is one of the rod journals in the 3B that I put in the FJ45LV. This is a Japanese takeout from I believe a Dyna truck or Coaster bus (it did not have a 'Cruiser tranny when I got it). It is the rotary injection pump version of the 3B. I was pulling the pan off to swap it with one which I had an oil return bung welded/brazed on to return oil from the Supra turbo that I have also installed.

Would you plastigage the bearing to see how it is or is it even a bearing issue?

Why only on one side of the rod journal and not the other?

Any ideas of cause? Is corrective action needed? If so what?
Howdy! I am certainly no expert on diesels or crankshafts, but since you are this close, I would pop off the cap to see what is going on in there. It could be a heat/clearance issue, or it could be just a little trash left over from the original mill work. John
yah pop the cap and plastigauge. I would not ignore that. Definitely not a good sign. But I am sure you can fix it with out too much trouble. The bearing might be too tight.

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