Blown rear diff 1991 80 series Land Cruiser

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Mar 5, 2019
I've blown the rear diff of my 91 80 series L/C.
Thing is I was told it was a LSD but the one similar to the Ford 9 inch diff.
If anyone has any helpful info on these diffs and how to pull apart I'd be most grateful.
Cheers Muddies
It would most likely be an LSD. The cruiser axle has a 9.5" diff rather than 9 inch. The 3rd member lifts out once you've removed the axles and can be replaced with any rear diff from a 40, 60, 70 or 80. The 40/60 diffs are 4.11 rather than 4.10 ratio which is no big deal but the V8 70 series are 3.9 ratios.
Thank you so much AussieHJCruza, it's an Aussie Cruiser too lol.
Any ideas what diff heads are worth here in Aus?
I haven't diff shopped for a long time @XRayFish but a quick look around gumtree should give you some idea
Hi AussieHJCruza,
Found one at a wreckers for $550. Seems to be in good condition, has 235,000 kms on it and is still tight.
Not sure if I should stick it straight in or do something to it.
It's the first LC diff I've blown. I've had the 81 diesel, this 91 petrol 80 series, and the LX 470 and never a problem....... touch wood!
So new ground for me. Had fun stripping the diff and pulling the axles. Just have to work out what's to do next.
Any wise words from experience would be muchly appreciated.
Cheers :)
@XRayFish personally if it all inspects well, I'd throw it in and run it.
Cheers AussieHJCruza,
Figured I may as well do bearings and seals while it's out. Just need a machine press now, to pop the bearings back on.
Could tap'em on with a hammer, but knowing my luck I'd slip or miss and do harm...........

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