Blower Resistor Location '94 FZJ80

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Jul 22, 2012
Boston, MA
I am debugging a "only high speed heater blower" problem. All the helpful threads have led me to believe it is either the Resistor or the A/C Amplifier and or transistor (?). I found the relays located on the DS kick panel, but don't see the resistor. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? I don't know what it looks like.

I am a little suspicious the dealer blew something up here. The issue is that the flan only works on High (shunted to ground) and not M1 or H2. This only started after they debugged and found a leak in the AC system that was a line from the chiller up front to the condenser inside. My guess is they fried the electronics somehow. I will go back and push the issue, but likely not going to get anywhere. For cheapness sake, I am going to replace the $15 resistor and see what happens. If that is not it, then it is time to press the dealer since the A/C Amplifier seems VERY expensive. Oh, and after they serviced it, the idle speed shoots way up even after the A/C has been turned off. If i read the schematics right, it seems like the A/C Amplifier is what ups the Idle speed when the AC is on. Not a good sign about the health of the AC Amp. Any help on location of A/C Amp in advance would be helpful as well.
That's the thing in the ac duct

Remove glove box and you should see it, held in with Philips screws if I remember.

They're fragile and easily broken on old cars
Thank you. Just to complete the analysis of what happened when I finally found it: The dealer had FORGOT to plug the wire harness back into resister! I plugged it back in, and runs great again.

Well, at least I am a lot more intimate with the way the whole AC and Blower system works now. I will keep an eye on the intermittent high idle problem. It sounds like it will be in the AC Amplifier.
Photo of Blower Resistor Location

Here is the wire going into Blower resistor. It was unplugged by dealer in my case.

Can you please let me know what the part # is so I can search for and order the part as I'm having the same exact issues on my 97 LX450. Thanks!

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