Blew the 2F.

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Sep 28, 2004
San Clemente, CA
Hi all. Sad day a few months back. Blew the rings in my 2F with only 111,000 miles on it.
I was contacted a few months back by a gentalman who told me about a company in GA who works on Cruisers who will do a turn key SB 350 swap that will bolt up to my H55.
The 60 is currently in VA.
YES I KNOW ALL ABOUT IPOR. But I'm not going to spend $25K for the swap. Sorry Lance. You guys do amazing work but I can't justify the cost.

So anyone know of the shop in GA?

Take care.


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HFS4x4 is on the west side of SC - not too far from GA, I don't think. Stan is very active on these forums too. Might start there.
I'm sure the Cottonland or GA club guys can help out with the shop names. I'd hit up those sections.

On the side..
Are there straps in the front end or is the winch the only thing holding the front of that cruiser to the trailer?

Atlanta Custom Creations
334 North Clarendon Ave.
Scottsdale, GA 30079

Merriam Automotive (Peter Merriam)
3568 Buford Hwy
Duluth, Ga 30096
Phone # 770-814.7516
Can't help with the shop, but what brand is that canopy? It's mighty nice.

Also, just sayin', cheapest thing (and best IMHO:D) is to rebuild or swap the 2F.

Good luck!
Sure there are probably little onesy-twosy shops out there that say they do work on cruisers. Check the sticky for Shops by State to see if you can find something, otherwise not much we can do without a name.
Likely you are referring to ACC in the Atlanta, GA area. I assume.
Hey, thanks all for your input.
My 60 is super heavy with everything in it and on it. The 2f doesn't create enough power to move it at highway speeds up hill. It get passed by 18 wheelers driving up,the grapevine and mountain roads in CA and in VA. SO the 350 is where I think I need to go.

So as far as the blown engin/ cylinders I ran the truck with the pedal,to the floor for hours on my way from VA to MS. Oil pressure was good, but started to run hot. Pulled over, checked oil which was almost 5 quarts short. No leaks.
Had 60 towed to a Toy dealer where they pulled the plugs and 2 of them were sheered off.

The awning is a 270 degree Manta or bat wing.
Straps holding it down in the rear and my 8274 was holding it down in the front. It was a short 30min drive on back roads. It didn't shift at all.

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