Bleeding Firkken...Got 'em : Thanks

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Nov 16, 2004
Finally got 'em right....

hooked bleed receiving hose to bleeder. hose up, then down to bottle. Open bleeder,,,,see hose fill (gravity . . .just like my 60 does).

With 2x4 under pedal, using hand,,,slowlyl evenly press pedal to 2x4 stop.

INTERESTING #1 : would feel more than hear a 'thint' and feel pedal give a tad, as pedeal moved . . .was maybe 1/2 way thru stroke... would 'thint' once per stroke, maybe 2 or 3 strokes & go away: I presume that was an air bubble finally clearing out.

did all 4 corners in distance order: ran out of time & weather before LSPV.
at end of day, started rig: pedal didn't travel as far as before (good)

INTERESTING #2: Pedal was higher & better feeling next morning.. . someone else mentioned that 'next day' syndrome...

Thanks everybody for all your insight & support.


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