Black Hills Cruiser Classic, SD July 20-23

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Dec 2, 2009
In cunjunction with a trip to Vail, Co for family stuff I'm going to be breezing into the 19th Annual Black Hills Cruisers Classic July 20-23rd. Just posting up if anyone is interested. About a 7hr drive from Bozeman according to Google maps to the campground. Registration includes a tenting camp spot. For more details see the link below!

Black Hills Cruiser Classic
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I was kind of looking at this a few weeks ago. Anyone know what the area is like that they will be wheeling in? Is it a ORV park or national forest?
Sounds like from my research that its both national forest and public land . only tidbits of info about the trails. Several forums have concluded that the SD folks like to keep the locations of their trails on the hush hush to help keep them preserved. This is on their hosting clubs website..
I have a habit of spreading myself too thin on things I want to do. So I am trying to reform from that.

I have wed thru sat off work that week. I think that event starts kind of early in the week. So I was tempted to go out there wed and return on sat or something like that. But like already said...sometimes I get ahead of myself and get too many things planned at once. So we will see.
we went 10 years ago, had a good time. the year we went it was hot, cooled down at night to sleep. Great bunch of people. I think they moved the dates earlier a week or two so it is not as hot and they also changed the campground they use.
second pic of the white 40 is mine all other pics are of others. I've got lots more. forgot the first pic 1 is a BJ46





87.29% packed! Just need to do laundry, install the hi-lift and strap down the fuel to the roof rack and stock the frig. Looks like good weather and a week with a full moon lighting up the nights! Giddy up!

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