Black Diamond Spring and Shocks Any Good?


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Jan 15, 2002
Toquerville UT
Black Diamond shock I've heard good things about.

I would check to be sure they have updated the FJ40 springs however.....when Black Diamond first started, they purchased the Rugged Trail line of springs and immediately redeveloped much of that line....

However, I was not aware that they had redone the FJ40 suspension systems, and the old Rugged Trail springs were 3 THICK leaves and it rode terribly...I got a set of free and they were installed for one trail ride/3 days total before I removed them...they are now cut into a monoleaf setup in my buddies FJ40 trayback thingie and he used it to carry jelly-roll hay bales...they would squat about 1" with that

Talk with them....people I know with Jeeps have been pleased with their springs, I believe they did a flat-seat like the OME stuff....but be sure first.

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