Black and locked?

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May 31, 2003
Since black is rare even on '96's and lockers are (sorta) rare, who has a black 80 with lockers? besides me...


I do. :D

You should have seen the look on my face when I pulled into the dealership and found her in the parking area, PO's were buying Pilot at the time...Lady thought i was crazy when I walked in their asking who owned this vehicle. When we all walked out to look at it...she didn't even realize it had the front and rear lockers on it. At least she kept up with the service on the vehicle :D

There was one for sale in my area (not sure if sold already), asking price was $12,000. 103K. Black with chrome door handles . Supposed to be a 1995, must be a very late 1995 model to be black and have chrome handles and side mirrors.

Almost bought the rig. If the condition of the interior is better. Leather was all dried up and there were a few cracks. Exterior was beautiful though.
If one of us ever decides to sell, we can advertise "only 3 others known to exist in the USA" and ask a large premium...

We touched on "colors" about a month ago. I think Dan noted Black was only made in 96 possibly 97? I don't think Black was a option in 95's so we may have a nice paint job on that rig cruisernow. Dan would know....

Also, the "chrome" door handles miiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight lead me to believe some "custom" work has been done. ;)


The "Black Exterior Package" included :

- black exterior paint
- chrome outer mirrors
- chrome door handles

Reading from the Vehicle Inquiry report for my VIN.

Sorry, need to do my research before me open me mouth. So did that come standard with the black package? Mine doesn't have the chrome mirrors and handles......Also, was i right about the color's being only 96?

Thanks Ed


Standard equip includes "color-keyed dual outside mirrors and door handles".

It may have been possible to get black without the optional Black Exterior package. Dunno.

PO of my 80 had the dealer paint the door handles and mirrors black. He even had them paint the chrome (or polished) part of the rear bumper black.

I put on black vinyl mirror covers. Like front bras for mirrors. They hide the peeling paint and look good.

When black was available is a developing story. Stay tuned...

I have a Black 97 locked 74k, with stupid check engine light on!

Black package was avail in 95 (according to info online - I have not seen one) and more commonly 96 but not as a package in 97, only as a color option. No chrome door handles or mirrors but it does have shiny chrome wheels!??

There was another Black 97, locked, low miles for sale not to far from me - but it started in NY as was originally registered as a comercial vehicle (it was in San Luis Obispo,CA)
Kirk says his is a 95 and it has the "Black package."


Yuck. Chrome is fugly.
Mine is a "EARLY" 1996.
A [glow=red,2,300]Real [/glow] factory Black body, black side mirrors, black door Chrome.

I think that makes it pretty clear that "Black" and "Black Exterior Package" are two different things. You obviously have a black '96 w/o the Black Ext Pkge.

We are now all experts on a particularly useless subject :D :cheers:

03Dec2003 (UTC -8)

I used to have a black FZJ-80: fr/rr lockers, supercharged, 35" MTR's, snorkel, winch, etc. It was even seen in a Toyota Trails mag for this year. I miss that beast. :-[
What model year was your black 80?
05Dec2003 (UTC -8)

[quote author=Beowulf link=board=2;threadid=8423;start=msg71907#msg71907 date=1070668850]

What model year was your black 80?

It was a 1997. By my dumb luck it was previously owned by a football player named Steve Young (San Francisco 49'ers). When I bought it, I had no idea who Steve Young was so the salesman was not able to jack up the price. I also thought back then was that football is what you call soccer here. :p
Mine is 1996 Black, Factory Locked, Oak Leather Interior.
Chrome mirrors, door handles, and the edge of the factory running boards chrome.
Mirrors and running bords now covered with Duplicolor bedliner.

Your running boards are not factory. All of the OEM running boards for the 80 series were black. The vendor (Flex-n-gate) made a chrome version that was sold outside of the toyota system. That is the type you have on your rig.

Regardless of whether the runnings boards are factory or not, you should remove them and get some sliders. hehehehehehehehe :slap:

Mine were off as soon as got my new mud flaps from Dan, still working on the sliders though.

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