bj74 springs in a 60?

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Nov 18, 2006
Campbell River BC on Vancouver Island in Canada on
hey, i got some new'ish 90000k springs out of a bj74 wan was installing them to find out the backs work but the frunts a 44mm longer then my 60 springs.
bla bla bla so if i moved my frunt shackle mount 44mm forward on the frame would the spring work and hold the front of my rig?

could someone give me the center to center spring mount measurement, from center of front spring pin to center of the rear spring pin.

thanx Les
If this is the way you're thinking about it, I'd advise no.
If you want to though, judging by the state of your rig you need to know how the radial angle of the spring will play into the placement of shackles. Are you building the truck around the springs, or the springs around the truck If its the first than go nuts, if its the latter, than do some digging and figure out the proper way to do it.

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