BJ74 PTO pillow blocks...

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Apr 5, 2005
Hey guys anyone have a source on these little buggers?
If the bearing is worn out you'd be best to simply replace the bearing. The whole assembly is tough to find.
hummm hey thanks man, anyone know where one would find replacement bearings? sizes etc? its not something funny is it?
If Lordco or NAPA cannot help you try Kaman or Raeside, they are bearing wholesalers and the folks that Lordco and NAPA will buy from!! I'm pretty sure both have a branch in Victoria somewhere.
Thanks folks! PTO is up and running like a dream again!
Shes been pulling logs like theres no tomorrow!

ps: so just how violent do things get when a shear pin blows out on one of these things?
So what was the bearing code? :)

Nothing dramatic happens when you blow a shear pin (that's the whole point) The drum will stop turning & you may hear a rattle coming from behind the winch.

The worst part is having to mess around right next to a highly stressed winch rope while you install the new pin. If you've got another vehicle or a hand winch available to take the load off it's much safer.


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