BJ74 Electrical Question

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Nov 12, 2003
Truckee, CA
does anyone have a BJ74 electrical diagram? The "Dome" fuse seems to have a small amperage draw when truck is off... trying to track it down. Thanks! (I know the entire manual is on that download site... but i can't access it on the thin internet connection i have on the weekends).
Have no diagram for the BJ74 but from memory, is it possible the radio memory is fed through this fuse?
Gifu: If the radio is still the Pioneer radio that I put in, then it doesn't run through the normal wire harness supplied by the factory. There is a 12V fuse block in the kick panel that is fed by the Solar Converter either directly (in step down mode) or through the center tap (in load balance mode) depending on how the HD marine battery switch is positioned under the hood. For a switched power source, there is a 24V relay in the dash that is tapped onto a switched power source that turns off a 12V feed with the key.

The only other thing that I can think of that can pose a potential problem with the dome light is the wire that hooks up to one of the door switch for the car alarm. Is it possible that the integrity of the wire insulation somewhere on this wire has been compromised and there is a short somewhere? Maybe there's some corrosion in the switch and it's seeing a slight ground and causing a small draw?

I would test the door switches to make sure that they don't see any ground when the pin is pushed in by a closed door and replace them if they're faulty.


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