Wanted BJ70 LHD in Maritimes Canada

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United States
Sold my last cruiser a few years ago and have been without a cruiser ever since. It's now time to buy another one. Looking for a BJ70 (or a BJ60, HJ60) in the maritimes area of Canada (Nova Scotia, PEI, New Brunswick, maybe Quebec). Must be LHD as I am on PEI :mad::mad:

Looking for something with little rust and a good frame. I am looking for a truck I can drive and not a project as I just finished a 5 year reno on my house:eek:. My preference is for stockish trucks but I will consider anything you have.

I'd prefer to not spend over $10k but I do have the cash all ready to go right now--I just need something to buy!
Hi Diesel Weasel,

I am from New-Brunswick and looking for my first Land Cruiser. All the rigs that I have found so far around here are all rust buckets with multiple frame repairs. I don't have much Land Cruiser experience and could need some help. Maybe we could team up???
1985 Bj70 for sale


Im in the center of New York state and have a bj 70 for sale

its in great shape, most certainly not a rust bucket . never seen a ny winter. 256xxx kilometers, lhd

11,900 is my price

let me know if you may be interested and I can give you pics, more info etc. THanks, Dave.
Just shipped a beautiful 73 over from the Netherlands.
I do have some contacts in Europe and might be able to help with 2 cruisers that are rust free and in great shape.

I too wanted a cruiser that I can actually enjoy on /off the road instead of my garage!

Let me know !

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