BJ60 Running 35's or larger?

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Nov 28, 2009
Hello all i have some serious decisions to make in the next few days. I have a rusty 88 FJ62 I just did a spring over on and i also have a 83 BJ60 which except for a rotten frame is in decent shape. I'm not a huge fan of the 3F-E and was thinking of swapping the 83 body and drivetrain onto the good sprung over frame no big deal but what im wondering is anyone driving this combo around a non turbo 3b with 35's and 4:11 diffs? The motor will eventually get a turbo and the truck will eventually get 37's and a regear. The other option i have is 89 chevy pickup drivetrain 350 and 700R4 but i would rather have the diesel and the H55F. Let me know what you guys think :bounce::bounce2:
3B power will be a pain to drive. You want at least 4.88, especially if you plan on going with 37's one day.
the tall gearing will not equal more mileage either. you work the motor harder which is worse for mileage and when you go turbo, the pyro will climb too quick as well

if you want a turboed 3B, I would stick with 35's and 4.88 (37's do look pretty good though)

350/700r4 with 37's would be the most fun and better than the 3FE for mileage too
I've built a few 700r4 350 combos with 350 plus horse (nicely built motors) and they get at least mid to high teens for mileage.
I still got my 3B, 3.73, 35 combo,:hillbilly: Mind you its not my daily driver any more :crybaby: you'll be fine with 4.11's just expect to be slow (I'm talking 2nd gear slow on hills) and havin a black cloud behind ya :smokin:
my buddy has this combo he has a 81 BJ60 4Spd. SOA 4.11 on 35's slow slow on hill and you can basically only 4x4 in 4 low otherwise it stalls way too easy and you have to rev. it to high to get it going. but it drives not bad around town but he is going 4.88 probably this summer to make it more driveable on the hills
My truck is non-turbo with h55 and 4.11 axles.
I tried radial 37's briefly. Besides needing to cut the fenders and move the exhaust downpipe to fit it made 5th pretty much useless. I found 1st to 4th ok on the road. Might of been ok with a turbo and lower low range (toybox or mark's gears).
I run 33's on it now. It's an ok compromise. I think with a turbo I'd be happier with 35's on road, but then low range would suffer.
well started pulling apart my BJ60 to start rust repair but found it to be waaaay to rotten looked good on the outside due to a recent respray so started parting it out and most everything is gone the money will go to putting a V8 in my 62 anything but the 3F-E i'm not a fan of that thing. If anybody needs a 3F-E or a440 should be out in the next few weeks and will be cheap

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