BJ60 lack of power/high fuel consumption

Mar 6, 2018
Montréal, Canada
Hello people,

I've got this 1984 BJ60 with a 3B that I installed a turbo on it. It's pretty hard to start but when the engine is hot it idles great! During accelerations it does pretty good until about 70kph, then it starts to feel sluggish and lacks power. I can bearly hit 85-90kph and if there is a slight hill (like 1% grade) then it decelerates a lot. At 80kph I've got 10psi of boost pressure and around 550 Celsius of EGT (pretty high). Smokes kind of a alot too either at idle or on the road. I played with the fuel screw which changes egt and smoke but not a lot on power. Injection pump timing is set at nominal but I have tried with a but of advance and a bit of retard). Fuel consumption is pretty damn high also. I actually don't see a difference on power when it was N/A and after turbo.

Here's whit i've done:
-TD05 turbo with 10psi wastegate, no intercooler.
-Rebuilt head
-all engine bearings and seals replaced
-pistons and rings replaced, liners resurfaced.
-rebuilt injectors
-rebuilt injection pump
-all filters replaced,
-magnaflow resonator, no muffler
-Fuel is new
-Fuel pump inlet screen is clean
-Fuel system has been bled many times so far
-Valve clearance has been adjusted

Kinda hitting a wall right now, hoping somebody could have insight on this problem.

Jul 22, 2003
Perth Western Australia
What colour smoke are you getting? Smoke colour is all important to diagnosing diesel problems.
Did the engine run ok before you put the turbo on?
Make and type of turbo?
Has the engine been compression tested ( I would start here)
Feb 28, 2008
Las Vegas - Nevada
Agree with Roscoe^^^^^ compression test and maybe leakdown test to get more info on how the engine is sealing/ not sealing and where. Smoke color etc.

How long ago did you refresh the engine? Did you go through any kind of break in process to get your rings to seat properly? @gerg gave me a good procedure for this a while back.... These things break in over many thousands of miles, but the first 500-600 require a special formula if driving AFAIK.

Beware of cheap compression testers. I've had very bad results with Harbor Fright kits. Readings that are inaccurate by a significant amount...
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