BJ60 Fuel tank lock ring (1 Viewer)

Jun 24, 2015
Does anyone have experience removing broken 4 mm screws from the fuel tank 'lock ring'?
Specifically, I have a 60 series, 77001-60241 fuel tank with two of the 4mm screw heads missing from the mounting ring where the suction/supply tube gets installed. It gets tricky because the threaded holes in the ring don't carry through into the tank, so drilling the broken screws out for extraction gets nerve racking. The ring has a detent in the side, but it certainly does not appear to be threaded on, for easy removal. If the ring could be removed some how, my world would get a lot sunnier.
Despite the corrosion on this one part, the tank is in surprisingly great shape and worth restoring. The sending unit ring is in great shape.
Thanks for any information

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