BJ60 EDIC Motor Problem

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Sep 25, 2013
Burnaby, BC
I woke up one morning to find my EDIC motor perpetually actuating while the ignition/power is off. I have a feeling it is a faulty relay, of which I'm having trouble finding. Had to disconect the battery. Anyone have any ideas? I took this video to illustrate the problem. Thanks
plenty info in the diesel section .. EDIC relay is in the pass side kick panel for LHD 60 .. but you should start with checking grounds ..
Thanks. I managed to find the relay. Took it apart and found it was full of water. Pretty sure that's my problem haha. I'm going to clean it out and let it dry. Crossing my fingers..
I need to replace the relay. Anyone know where I might find a replacement that isn't $300? Going to check out some local salvage yards tomorrow.
You wont find one in a salvage yard BJ cruisers never make it to the salvage yard usually end up in someones back yard for parts.
Try Steve over at EBI not sure if John from Radds is still in that line of business or 4Wheel Auto in Edmonton either way you will pay a pretty penny for those parts.
Sorry I have a BJ60 parts rig but I am keeping all those hard to get parts for myself or I would help you out.
I'm pretty sure you can save your EDIC relay .. mine had seen many many tuff hours, full of water, dirt, mud and humidity and after good clean still rocks ..
I used some contact cleaner on the circuit board and scrubbed with a toothbrush but the problem persisted. So I ordered a replacement circuit board online and after installing it, the motor arm no longer moves at all. In fact, I don't hear the relay working either. How can I test this new circuit to make sure it's working?
Also, the motor arm is stuck in the off position, so when I try to start the truck, it starts but starves immediately.
For the short term till you get the parts circuit board working just disconnect the rod on the EDIC and position it in the run position that way you can start it but you will have to lift the hood every time you want to shut it of and position to the off position or hook up a redneck wire routed through the fire wall and push and pull on / off

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