BJ45 Troopy roof question

Nov 1, 2016
Europe, somewhere
Hi. I am thinking of getting a BJ45 Troopy for camping trips as the 73 is a little lacking on inside space. The wife has even given some sort of approval by commenting that at least it will be more useful than the stuff I usually buy...

They are a little thin on the ground at the moment but one I have seen advertised has a wierd roof conversion where the rear half of the top is made of canvas but retaining the original steel (?) sides and windows. Over the driver appears to be the front section of the original hard roof. It retains the ambulance doors and otherwise looks not too rusty

Not being familiar with these trucks my question is what is the original roof top made of, steel or fibreglass?

I am hoping that a late BJ45 will drive much like my 73 with the same 3B engine

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