BJ44, What would you pay for it?

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Jul 29, 2010
Good day everyone, I just came across this 1982 BJ44 and was wondering what a good price would be for a rig like this?

What I know so far: SOA, full roll cage, 3.2 diesel, 190,000 kilometers, lots of diamond plate (nice metal under), straight rust free frame.




Let me know what you think!!

That is a early 82 with the manual glow later in 82 they used the super glow system.
It should have a 2B and not a 3B unless it was swapped out.
Alot of checker plate ?????
I like the top looks much nicer than mine.
Is it a private sell or auction chances are it will sell in the 300,000-500,000 yen range I would go middle of that price range if there are no issues with it mechanically,what is the asking price on it.
Being SOA I would test drive it to make sure it stears okay and does not have the famous death woble.
With all my resources and connections out here in Pakistan if I was to construct something like this it would probably cost something like US$ 15 - 20k.....
If you can get it for 300-500K Yen...I say go for it. if I was still there and looking for one I would be wiling to go as high as 800K, esecially if the metal under the diamond plate is clean. Question is...will it pass inspection? The Japanese are VERY strict on their inspections. I had mine fail because the Surf rims on it were not stamped properly. I dig the way this one looks!
I like it but that steering is a weak link, it does not appear to have a cut and turn and the checker plate is gonna require a lot of welding.

It would be worth a ton more in America.
I dont care for the spring over or the diamond plate,seats just so so on. 1o,ooo U.S. 2 cents Mike
I'd pay more for one that does not have the mods just because you know what your getting for sure. I doubt the axles are turned as most of these types of mods are really just done for looks here. There is no way Id pay 10,000US for it. I paid$ 5000 or do for mine all stock with 165000km. It has some rust but not too bad. I'm very suspect of any paint/body work that has been done in japan. Rust repair can be appallingly poor.

Often here it seems that the sellers think that the sum of the cost of the mods plus the value of an unmodified truck becomes the value. I'd hazard a guess that the asking price is quite high.


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