bj42 wiring help !

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May 21, 2009
Paradise Calgary Alberta Canada
Back in the garage trying to slowly get things back in working order after a long hibernation !

I got the motor running, motor mounts in, body supports welded up. found a mystery wire to hook back up to the drivers side battery. ( thanks Mud )

Current dilemma : head lights on but no tail lights ? and ... no signals, instrument cluster not lighting up.
nor are the signal indicators, hazards are not working, heater fan, windshield wipers not working.
Checked fuse panel and everything ok !

Looking for any extra wires but can't find a clue !

If there is someone local I will pay in cash, trade ( welding ) or beer !!!
I think I'll look and see if there are any relays to check voltage from ! wiring diagram in garage.
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There should be a fuseable link with three wires red black yellow going into a green plug from one of your battery's these will power up the cab.
My delema is that along time ago the truck had an underhood fire and a friend was kind enough to go through it wire by wire and replace and work out how to get it going. That said I did see a black wire with a yellow stripe coming out of the drivers side fire wall near the brake cylinder.
I also have to check what wires go into the fuse panel under the hood drivers side.
If there are any other clues to nail this down then please chime in !
Check all your grounding points and clean well.
Not just the battery ground but all wire grounds.
Seeing as my harness is custom I may not be able to help that much ! Try reaching out and seeing if there is someone in your neighbourhood or if someone here can chime in and post up some pictures would help possibly both of us !
As for starting and keeping the truck running, firstly remove the push rod to your shut off motor located behind the inhjection pump then try starting the truck. If it stays running then you will have to either stall the motor or manually move the shut off lever to choke the fuel.
high beams work but will check the rest...
Curious if the indicator on the dash for High beam works as it is on a different power circuit.

Sounds like ground issue though as multiple fuse circuits are affected..... Or fusible links off the + battery post.
Can you measure voltage at the fuses or did you just check if fuses are blown?
fuses are good, I will check voltage at fuses, then will be checking all grounds and connections, connections may need replacing, will check these.
I didn't notice the instrument cluster as you mention to see if high beam indicator is lit up.
Good post for me to check !

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