BJ42 Price Check / Advice needed!

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May 9, 2019
Jacksonville, FL -> Northern Virginia
Hey all,

So about 2 weeks ago I came to the conclusion (on here) that I would hold off on getting myself a 40 series for a couple of years. HOWEVER, I came across a 1980 BJ42 LX that has made me forget why I made that decision. The truck has power steering, factory AC (not currently functional), and gets really reasonable gas milage (3B). It runs/drives but has not been registered in the US yet (Seller brought it with him when he moved from Australia). He's asking $7500.

The truck seems like it is the ideal version of a 40 series for a daily-driver/commuter truck, so I'm very intrigued. How does that price seem to you guys? I have limited pictures, but should be able to get more of them. Any specific problem areas that you would suggest I get a look at before making the fairly significant drive to check it out in person?

I know it will be a BIT rough, but my goal is just to have something mechanically reliable out of it in the short term, and over time, work on the cosmetics as long as the jobs are realistic. Could this be the truck?

Thanks so much!



Wow. I wouldn't hesitate.. that would be worth not much less in Australia! That is THE sought after model in shorties.

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