bj42 parts

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What parts are you looking for?
I'm in the process of painting the whole thing so I only need hood latch but is there a place with a part magazine the body is all same as fj40 is it I just need part for 3b motor ever thing works fine now I would love to but a turbo on and power steer no one makes the power steer and pump do they for the 3b
I have a complete 3B power steering set up minus the gearbox.The gearbox can be used either from a early mini truck or a 60 series or even 80 series.There are a few Turbo kits available from down under or you can build your own,there are plenty of treads on Mud about that.The ps parts are as rare as hen's teeth so be prepared for the price,they are not cheap.

There are no dealers for diesel parts here that have catalogs afaik but many parts are available trough different dealers,just look in the diesel section a bit to school you on that.

pm send
Most body parts are the same... 3b stuff I get from here and cruiser parts .net. I got
My power steering and H55 used on here from a BJ60 part out

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