bj42 exhaust pics please!

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Nov 13, 2007
Ontario, Canada
My 81 bj42 cnd spec needs a new exhaust. I'm debating a custom job or trying my luck at installing a stock system. All in all, gonna be about the same price. I'm not planning on a turbo, so will probably stay at 2".

I was hoping someone would have some pics of a stock system installed. Particularily, the brackets for the muffler. Seems like mine may have been ground off.


Stay with factory it last twice as long as custom unless you go stainless.
When you say brackets are you referring to the hangers or the pipe coupler.
Just in In Case...

Just found a JDM BJ42 exhaust with the parts you describe.

Tell me ... how is the smell in the cabin without the roof with the original exaust setting ?
You have no smell at all in the cabin with this setting. I have the same setup with 2'' exaust. About 250$ for all the part at toyota dealer.. It's to restrictive that way (have a turbo) but it's quiet....

I will change for a 2.5'' exaust custom made. A little more loud, more exaust flow and better for the engine exaust temps. Don't forget that it's not all the way 2'' exaust pipe.. the bend is about 1 3/4 '' and maybe less...

I'll plan to do my custom exaust for 100$ maybe 150$ but you need to work a little harder then the factory setup.
The normal setup is from the dealer.. about 100$ for the front pipe and 150$ for the exaust when I bought mine 2 years ago.

For the custom... 1 cheap exaust 30$ - 40$ , and some scrap pipe from a machiniste and some part that I already have, and 30$ for a flexible. I will not go to the back and will stop right before the tire... with a 45 degree pipe that will send it far enough and see after if I need to go to the back of the truck. Maybe going up to the top of the truck.. in trail, it's maybe something that the other truck will appréciate.

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