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Jul 3, 2010
Benalla ,Victoria,Australia
hell everyone,have recently bought a very reasonable and almost rust free 11/83 bj42,power steering,5 speed,looking forward to getting it on the road.Unfortunately the wiring under the dash looks like the waste bin in a pasta factory,can anyone help with a wiring diagram or point me to a suitable manual that has one,thanks in anticipation
You can check the Diesel section stickies, a few posts down in this thread - will give you some links.

I think the BJ42 wiring diagram is mostly correct - but it does differ a bit from mine on some parts (BJ42 84LX). Should get you most of the way, then the search here is your new best friend when you get stuck.

And we need to see some photos :meh:
On coolerman's site, he has a bunch of schematics. That's where I got mine when I was trying to find issues with my rig

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