bj42 body mount rebuild

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alberta mac

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May 21, 2009
Paradise Calgary Alberta Canada
It has been a slow project resurecting my old 83 bj42.

It over heated at 500,000km so I parked it for a few years while I drove a 60.
The plan is to get work done and start it up and diagnose any overheating issues.

The rad was recored and just installed yesterday along with the alternator.

I have remanufactured body mounts that will be welded in below pillar post or seat .
As you can see by the photos the metal is pretty Gone as it didn't take much hammering to remove the metal.
The stainless airbrake reservoir can be seen in the photo.

plans are to sand blast the area and weld in the replacement body mount bracket.
Brackets are made of 1/16th mat'l with a 1/8th channel inside.

The body is stainless from door posts in and out to the rear including nerf bars if any of you were curious looking at the photos.
Hey did you ever figure out your overheating issues?

Yes, It turned out the motor mounts were gone, the fan blade was rubbing on the fan shroud. Though I haven't taken it for a half hour run to see if it over heats, just sitting in the garage it runs fine. I'm also just tending to some electrical issues making sure everything works before getting it on the road.

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